The Tin Man is excited to announce the release of his single, “Can You Feel My Love,” which debuted on today and is available on all digital platforms. The upbeat song has a foot-tapping, summery vibe, different from his debut, five track EP, Too Many Lines, which was released in 2016. All five songs from the EP have been featured on Spotify’s Discover Weekly and “Already Gone” hit their United States Viral 50 playlist, garnering him 72k+ monthly listeners and 345k+ streams. While this song leans a little more pop, it’s glued together with The Tin Man’s distinctive vocals, unique guitar style and classic Tin Man harmonies. A natural next step from his EP track, “Please Don’t Let Me Go.”

“This song jumps right out of your iTunes, with an uplifting proclamation of love, with a catchy hook that will get stuck in your brain for a few days.” – Jeff Game, AXS

“At the time I was really sick and tired of living in Atlanta. I’ve been here almost all of my life. I was thinking about what, if anything, would make the city feel new to me again. It made me realize that if I met someone I fell in love with the city would take on an entirely new meaning,” says The Tin Man. “It’s basically the first happy “Tin Man” song ever, though it was written hypothetically [he laughs].”

About The Tin Man
The Tin Man’s heart is not only worn on his sleeve, but also strapped to his back telling emotional stories through a hollow-bodied guitar. Paired with a seasoned voice unashamed of its raw vulnerability, you quickly find your own heart beating in sync with these anthemic songs. It’s the sound of relationships past and inner struggles present, balanced with the hope of a brighter future. It’s a southern sound bread out of a youthful love for The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, and Tom Petty.

Despite all the heart Marshall has always put into music, the first two chapters of his career were led by his brain. After college he earned a law degree from the prestigious University of Michigan and proceeded to practice corporate, intellectual property law for seven years. Then upon leaving the law, he founded Mowgli, an entertainment technology company focused on gamifying the creation of music. Four years and four million investment dollars into the fast-paced technology start-up world, Marshall realized he’d done it again. He had let his brain take the reigns over his heart. He took a step back, 417,462 steps to be exact, and hiked the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. It was his yellow brick road, which led him to the heart of his music. You can find more information by visiting his website,