Debuting solo artist, Sarah Anne, has curated a life filled with music, fashion, travels, friendship and good times. Her “you can sit with us” attitude, candid personality, keen sense of style and southern born sass makes her the go-to fashion guru girl-next-door… that will also write you songs when your ex breaks your heart. Sarah’s songwriting style is driven by authentic stories of life, loss, love and triumph. These inspirations shine in her recently released single Tammy Wynette. The single was born from heartbreak, Tammy Wynette on vinyl, Sarah’s Gibson guitar and an abundance of wine. Tammy Wynette gives fans a glimpse of Sarah Anne during a vulnerable time in her life. It can be found on all online platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.

“Her languid, heartsick performance is on the money.”
– Robert K. Oermann, Music Row

Sarah speaks to her artistry and songwriting style as authentic and honest. “I chose to release Tammy Wynette because I feel like as an artist it is my duty and my honor to share the most real parts of who I am and what I have been through because that is what speaks to humanity and shines a light on the fact that we are truly never alone. We all feel the same hurt, the same loss and the same joy. Most times the circumstances are different, but the emotions are the same. As a songwriter and artist, I want to speak to the thread or chord that ties us all together.” For more information visit her website,