b69e4c318969bd27a857b3e5_450x450Award-winning public relations and marketing firm PLA Media is excited to announce the addition of independent country music record label, Silverado Records, to its roster. The up-and-coming label is joined alongside an impressive client list including the acclaimed Johnny Cash Museum, chart-topping country artist Ashton Shephard and the iconic Americana Music Triangle.

“We’re really excited to be working with Pam and her amazing team at PLA Media,” says Silverado Records founder and CEO Scott Thomas. “They’re a great fit for us for a number of reasons, some of them being experience, longevity, and their overall awesomeness. We look forward to working closely with the PLA team to get the word out about Silverado Records and our growing roster of artists.”

Launched earlier this year, Silverado Records hosts offices in Nashville and Las Vegas and has become a haven for established and rising country artists hoping to carve their own path in the music industry. The label boasts recording artists Melissa Mickelson, the rock and blues influenced singer-songwriter hailing from Boring, OR, and the passionate Nashville-based musician Zack Dyer. The label will be re-releasing Mickelson’s 2015 self-titled EP, as she works on creating original tracks for a 2017 project.

The label recently announced a new audio series project, the Silverado Signature Songwriter’s Series, designed to highlight the “immense and diverse songwriting culture prevalent in Nashville and country music as a whole.” With Dyer as its inaugural featured artist, the release date for the first volume will be announced soon, with several more volumes to follow. “This is a great way to connect music fans with the best songwriters, as well as country music’s future stars,” said Thomas.

Thomas, a serial entrepreneur and entertainment industry veteran, is also the CEO of Silverado’s parent company, Exegan Music Group, which owns or controls more than a dozen other record label catalogs. The first half of his career was rooted in the radio business, as a radio DJ, production manager, and program director before co-founding Zeo Radio Networks in Denver. Thomas moved to the record side in 2008 with the launch of Jake Records.

Thomas is joined on the Silverado Records team by accomplished industry professionals with storied careers at landmark labels and organizations. A&R Director Aaron Chesling formerly served as Logistics Coordinator for Big Machine Records and Heather Cramsie serves as the Marketing Director after a successful run as the Director of Southeast Promotion at Sidewalk Records. Social Media Director Tim Stewart hails from Las Vegas where he did freelance social media seminars for tech startups in Silicon Valley, now working out of the Exegan Music headquarters.

“Silverado Records is made up of impressive artists and an even more accomplished leadership team,” said PLA President Pam Lewis. “We are so excited to work alongside them as they grow and continue to make a meaningful impact on our industry.”

About Silverado Records
Silverado Records is an independent country music record label. It was founded in 2016 to bring great country music to the world, and to be a platform where independent artists can launch. Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., the label’s newest artist is Melissa Mickelson. Silverado Records’ music is distributed digitally by The Orchard. Follow the latest Silverado Records news at www.silveradorecords.com.